Color matching will never be the same.

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How to Use The Match That App

  • Step 1 – Take picture of item to be color matched
  • Step 2 – Confirm color is detected
  • Step 3 – Choose to save or use photo *If saved, photo will be sent to saved files & photos
  • Step 4 – Choose item type & fabric (Match That Plus only)
  • Step 5 – Press next
  • Step 6 – Take picture of new item To color match up to 4 items, use add item button. (Match That Plus only) For items with multiple colors, use auto zoom button to focus on main color
  • Step 7 – Choose item type & fabric/materials (Match That Plus only)
  • Step 8 – Press Match That button and view color matching percentage from 0% – 99%

Type of items: Shirts, pants, suits, ties, shoes/sneakers, Also included in Match That plus

Hats, belts, eyeglasses, pocketbooks, make up, lip stick, nail polish, select jewelry.

Please note: The Match That App does not compare the actual item, it is designed to compare the color of each item.