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When the color has to Match,
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Introducing The Match That App

Match That is the latest advent in color matching. From your headdress to your footwear and everything in between, finding the perfect color match has never been easier. This is why we can confidently say we’ve got you covered from head to toe!


What’s more? Match That utilizes highly sophisticated AI to eliminate guessing in order to create a unique and fulfilling color matching experience for you. How often do we go to the store to get a matching footwear for that gorgeously fitting dress or that fantastic spellbinder purse only to discover a tiny but considerable difference in the color shade.

This has resulted in a lot of us going along with sample materials when shopping – could be belt, footwear, bag, et cetera. Be that as it may, the risk of color vision deficiency is still an important factor to be considered.

Key Features

These are also the features that make the app unique.

  1. Identifying the same color in different fabrics/materials from a photo taken using the app.
  2. Identifying most commonly used fabrics/materials for an item.
  3. Auto adjust camera/lighting.
  4. Auto adjust all photos taken, sent, or received using the app for exact images on all mobile device screens.
  5. Auto zoom in on main color for solid colors or items with multiple colors.
  6. View one items in different colors (for viewing other colors to complement main color)
  7. View same color in different fabrics, makeup, or materials

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