How to Arrange Clothes By Color

How to Arrange Clothes By Color

How to Arrange Clothes By Color

Are you also facing the dilemma of arranging clothes in the right order? Then you haven’t heard about the outfit color-matching app yet.

A cluttered wardrobe is the last thing anyone wants to see on a busy morning or after a hectic day. Often, you would find yourself complaining that you don’t have enough space left but sorry to break it to you pal, it’s probably the wrong way of arranging clothes that is making your closet look like a man that has stuffed five cheeseburgers in a night. However, it is also that one task that we keep putting on hold How to organize your closet by color. Isn’t it time to address the elephant in the room? Fortunately, you are at the right place because we are going to talk about the easiest ways to arrange clothes in a way that keeps your closet looking organized.

Before that, answer this question; do you just throw clothes in any order or hang them by color? If you’re used to doing the former in the past then it’s time to change your ways. Arranging clothes by color is literally the easiest way to find what you’re looking for, coordinate your attire, and create an order for your hanging.

Imagine this; you walk into your closet or open your wardrobe and see your clothes hanged in order of color. First, there is a collection of red hues, then orange, then the family of pink, then blue, white, and so on. Doesn’t it seem to be pleasing to the eye? Yes? Then let’s get into it! We’re going to tell you a step-by-step way of arranging clothes by color very easily with the help of an app color match. (You’re in for a treat because it brings so many additional benefits!)

Take Everything Out

First things first, take everything out and get ready to be surprised by the collection of unseen clothes that you have. Although it could seem daunting, this is a crucial step in the procedure. Set aside any clothing you plan to sell online and decide what you want to keep, donate, or recycle. Getting rid of clutter will equip you for long-term success, we promise.

As we mentioned before, this way you also get to discover so many outfits that you forgot about because they were lost in your mess of a closet. Then you can altogether decide to keep the ones you intend to use and discard the outdated ones you don’t plan to wear anymore. Creating different piles for all the categories would help!

Sort Your Clothes Into Categories

After you’ve kept the clothes aside that you want to keep, start sorting them out into categories like winter and summer, tops and bottoms, or formal and casual. Also, if you want to make matching sets for your convenience, then you can do that as well easily with the help of color-matching apps.

Color-Code Your Clothes through Outfit Color Matching App

Now that the clothes are sorted, you can start refilling your closet empty closet … but wait. Do it the right way this time. Set aside a section of the wardrobe for each category of clothing (such as sweaters, skirts, and slacks), and then start organizing the items of clothing into each category by color. Let’s say you want to place or hang them in the rainbow order then the colors will go like; white, beige, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, grey, and black.

Another color-coding system you can pick is light to dark. As the name suggests, you have to start with white hues and then go toward darker shades. Let us make it easier for you; download the best app for color matching, click pictures of your outfits, and let it do the rest of the job. Seriously, color-matching apps have made life so much easier for everyone then why are you missing out?

Separate Section of Multi-Colored Clothes

You will probably have a few outfits that aren’t primarily one color or have a multicolored pattern, so reserve a space in your closet for this category as well. Keep in mind if the dominant color of a top is red, then the top will go in the category of red. However, if it has equally different hues then it will go in the category of multi-colored clothes. Again, you don’t have to do all this work, just open your app color match.

Maintain the Arrangement

Now that all the work is done, you just have to make sure that it doesn’t become a mess again in just a few days. Although color-coding clothes make it easy to keep your wardrobe tidy because every color is in its place, you can go through the closet every season and get rid of anything that may have been outdated or damaged recently, and adjust the color coding with the help of one of the best app for color matching & How to Color Code Your Closet.