Best Paint Color Matching Tool

Best Paint Color Matching Tool

Best Paint Color Matching Tool

Ditch the color shade cards, the best color-matching online app is all you need to select the right paint color!

So it’s time for a home makeover and you are yet to select the paint color for your living room walls. The task you thought would be the easiest is now becoming the most difficult, right? We’ve all been there. With so many hues available, it’s extremely tough to settle on the right one. However, it’s crucial to make an informed selection and have faith that you have chosen the right paint color for your house because, in some circumstances, it can make or break a living space. But only if it was that easy!

Choosing the right paint color is far from an easy task. We believe more options will help us but contrary to our belief, all they do is make us more confused. Even color shade cards often fail to help us come to a decision and eventually we end up choosing somewhat the wrong color. Look at that, green kitchen tiles and vibrant red wall of the opposite space…yeah we might as well get onto the solution!!

Fortunately, the savior has already arrived. Some cloth color-matching online apps can make paint color selection a breeze such as The Match That App. Let’s talk about the benefits of using this app. We are certain by the end of this, you’ll be compelled to use it before picking up the paintbrush & also you can find info about How To Color code A Closet.



You might have often searched for “matching colors clothes for ladies” on Google to get fashion inspiration and came across some of the best matching clothes color apps. Well, let us tell you these apps can not only help you in cloth color matching online but also help in selecting the right paint color for your home space. And the best part? They are extremely easy to use. You only have to capture a few images and follow the instructions to experiment with color schemes.

You can upload a photo to match colors, choose from color families and curated color palettes, and search for a particular color to test colors online.


Amazing Features

Imagine an app that lets you try different colors right on your wall, wouldn’t it be amazing? Well, that app is no more just a fantasy. With just a few taps, you’ll have the right paint color that complements the interior of your home. Do you want to get others’ opinions on the paint color you have chosen? Match That also comes with a “share” feature that enables you to share pictures with your friends or family to get their opinion if you’re feeling indecisive. The tool’s cutting-edge technology accurately visualizes colors when utilizing a personal photo by taking into account room factors like lighting conditions.

Various color options in less than a minute so you will never second guess if the paint color is the one or not and no more piling up shade cards that do us no good in selecting the right paint color. Also, do you remember the times when you couldn’t differentiate between two colors? Well, this app also lets you compare two colors so you can see the exact difference between them.


Cost-Effective Plans

Okay, the solution seems awesome but does it come with a hefty price? Fortunately, it does not! This Match That app comes with two subscription plans with a price point as low as  $2.99. How amazing is that?


  • Basic Plan: This plan allows you to save up to 10 photos of items to color match. You can also view and match 2 items side by side and share photos of items to your contacts for only $2.99!


  • Premium Plan: To enjoy more benefits of this incredible cloth color-matching online app, you can select the premium plan that is designed more for fashion lovers. This plan includes color matching for makeup, lipstick, nail color, jewelry, and paint color as well. Moreover, it lets you save 10 extra photos for a total of 20 items to color match. Can you guess the price? Only $5.99. We can feel that you are leaning towards the Premium plan!


Available On iOS & Android

Often it has happened that you came across the best color-matching online apps & how to arrange clothes by color only to find out that they are not available on your desired platform. Well, that is another thing we took care of. Match That is available on both Google Play and App Store so what you are waiting for? Get the best paint color matching tool on your phone and never again feel overwhelmed while selecting the right paint color for your walls. Enjoy various color options in just a few clicks!