Transform Your Closet With the Magic of Color Coding

Transform Your Closet With the Magic of Color Coding

Do you wish for a Pinterest-worthy wardrobe? We all do but only if it was that easy! Well, if not easy then not that hard as well. If you find yourself constantly sifting through a sea of garments just to find the right top or pair of pants then it may be time to learn how to color code your closet.

Color-coding is a simple and effective way to organize your wardrobe, making it easier to find and select items that match and suit your style. By arranging your clothes by color, you can not only create a tidy and organized closet but also make room for new clothes. You’re in for a treat because in this blog we’re going to give you the head start you need to color code your closet… that too with a very amazing tool that will make the task a breeze!


Why Should You Color Code Your Closet?


Will spending an afternoon color-coding my closet be worth it? It absolutely will be and here’s why:

  1. Saves time: When your clothes are color-coded, it will be easy to find the exact item you’re looking for without making a big mess in your closet. This can save you valuable time, especially during rushed mornings.
  2. Helps you coordinate outfits: When your clothes are organized by color, you can easily see which pieces will match and coordinate with each other. This can help you put together outfits more efficiently and dress up easily according to different occasions.
  3. Maximizes space: By organizing your clothes by color, you can create more space in your closet. This is because items are more easily identifiable and can be hung closer together without getting mixed up. In addition to that, you will also find clothes that you don’t wear anymore to give away or sell.
  4. Helps identify gaps in your wardrobe: When your clothes are color-coded, you can easily see which colors you have an abundance of and which colors are lacking in your collection. This can help you identify gaps in your wardrobe and make more rational shopping decisions.

Now comes the best part. Do you dread all the work that you’re in for? Don’t because an amazing app color match will do it all for you! Technology is continuously providing ease to people with great innovations such as online color matching tools. From pairing clothes to helping you organize your closet, these apps are capable to do everything in between.


How to Organize Your Closet By Color With Color Matching App?


Now that we’ve established that color-coding your closet to the right way to keep it organized, let’s move on to the procedure. Here’s how to color code your closet easily with an app color match:


  1. Choose a color matching app: There are several color matching apps available for both iOS and Android devices such as Match That. This app work by using your phone’s camera to identify colors in real-time, making it easy to match and categorize your clothes by color. Download this app to your phone to color-code your closet.
  2. Gather your clothes: Before you start color-coding your closet, gather all your clothes and accessories together in one place. This will make it easier to sort and match colors using the app. Lay out all your clothing items on a flat surface, such as a bed or table, and make sure you have good lighting for accurate color identification.
  3. Sort your clothes: Divide your clothes into categories like shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, and dresses, and open your color matching app. It will ask you to take pictures of your clothes and will provide some simple instructions to follow. In no time, you will have your clothes sorted by color.
  4. Start arranging your clothes: Once your clothes are sorted by color, arrange them in your closet as per a color coding method like light to dark, dark to light, or rainbow color theme. You can also organize them by category within each color section, such as hanging your tops and pants in one place and dresses and uppers in the other. With an app color match, you can also mix and match to prepare looks beforehand so there are fewer chances of frantic last moments.
  5. Maintain your color-coded closet: To maintain your newly organized closet, be sure to return items to their designated color sections after use. This will help you keep track of what you’ve worn and ensure that everything stays in its proper place.


…and there you go. It seemed more like a fun activity than a task, right? No need to spend a whole day rearranging your closet. Simply, download Match That and transform your untidy closet into a Pinterest-worthy one.